Distributed Audio

Listen to music in every room for your home including the patio pool and jacuzzi. Easily access you iPod, media server CD changer or satellite radio.

Touch Panels

Touch panels are LCD video screens built into the wall. Available from 4 inches all the way to 17 inches, touch panels offer endless flexibility. Control and access music, video, HVAC and lighting. Get information from you iPod and music sources. With a touch panel system you are in control of virtually every system function.


Keypads are in-wall devices that control many aspects of the system. You can listen to different sources in different rooms simultaneously. Access and control your music files with simple controls or tun on/off the system with one button for entertaining. Its like having a remote control built into your wall. Easy to use and functional integration.

Volume Controls

Volume controls conveniently adjust the volume or turn off the music in the room. It looks like a light switch dimmer. Available in rotary knob or slider style. Volume controls are inexpensive and discrete.

Invisible Speakers

Invisible speakers are completely hidden within the drywall or plaster. There is no visible bezel or grille. Because it is part of the wall it can be painted or wall papered. no one will ever know its there. An excellent choice when aesthetics is the main goal.

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